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Rajesh Relan - Head Bancassurance,
Asia MetLife Asia Limited
Rajesh Relan-     May 20, 2016

Relan has over 25 years of experience in the financial services sector, and has rich management experience in Senior leadership positions within India and lately in the Asia region. He has a proven track record of successfully launching new businesses, start-ups, managing turnarounds and running established businesses successfully. Over the last 15 years in the Insurance sector he was has gained significant experience in the areas of Regulatory & Policy Formulation, Govt. Relations, Managing multiple shareholders, Interacting with potential investors, Analysts, Industry Chambers and Media.

Pawan Rajkumar - Founder at ‘SUPACORN’
Pawan Rajkumar-    May 20, 2016

Pawan heads a diversified group focused on Food and Food Services businesses. Pawan is CoFounder of SUPA STAR FOODS Pvt Ltd, a company that is producing and marketing healthy and tasty snacks. Current product range of the company includes sweet corn and other products packed under OXYFRESH technology and branded SUPACORN. Pawan also heads Continental Equipment which is India's leading food service equipment manufacturer and supplier. The group also has interests in Bakery production (Brand Choco Diva) and strategic consulting for Restaurants etc. through a company called Anchor Designers and Consultants.Previously Pawan has also founded and run businesses in the field of Health and Fitness called ActiveKarma Ventures. Apart from running these businesses Pawan is also an active Angel investor and part of various angel groups.

Lessons of Self - Mr. Girdhar Gopal Dass
Girdhar Gopal Dass-    March 3, 2016

Girdhar Gopal Dass is a consultant who helps companies 'unlock their true potential' and move on to their next level of growth and success. Through this video, which is part of a series of 9 videos, he takes business managers through certain 'rules of nature', understanding of which would help them in moving to their next level of growth and success. These rules of nature are established through a journey into the diverse worlds of science, spirituality, occult, management wisdom and more.

Lessons of People - Mr. Girdhar Gopal Dass
Girdhar Gopal Dass-    March 3, 2016

This second video in the series by Girdhar Gopal Dass is centered around people management. The episode, takes a look at a more strategic approach to handling people management, and how people processes can be aligned to strategy and operations to ensure a smoother and faster journey to the next level for companies.

Lessons of Creativity & Communication -
Mr. Girdhar Gopal Dass
Girdhar Gopal Dass-    March 3, 2016

The third episode in this series by Girdhar Gopal Dass offers a simple model of cascading company's objective to its constituent to drive the strategic intent of the organization.


Ecolab is a fortune 500 company and a Global Leader in water, hygiene and energy technology and services. The Company engaged Glocal Thinkers in India to conduct a ‘time and motion’ study for its sales force. Glocal Thinkers conducted this time and motion study for two of their divisions across the country and came back with several suggestions for greater sales effectiveness.

State Bank of India

Credit Managers in the mid corporate segment were trained on industry specific nuances to make their credit evaluations and decisions sharper. The training was imparted by industry stalwarts, industry professionals and experts.

Aegon Religare

A school contact program was executed across multiple cities, wherein leads were generated through various activities done at the school. These activities provided the company foot in the door to reach out to households for selling insurance using the child route.

Grand Formacion

The venture is in skill space in the retail segment. GTPL carried out a feasibility study and created a business plan, business projections and an execution roadmap for the venture.

Indian Youth Card

It is a youth centric comprehensive e-commerce platform underpinned by a prepaid card, which is being provided directional and strategic support to help the company eslish a successful venture.

Service Export Promotion Council

GTPL acted as a knowledge partner with the organization to galvanize members through greater engagement. GTPL placed its research associates at the council to support the organization in their various endeavors.


E-Meditek TPA Services is the leading Third Party Administrator (TPA) , HR processes were reengineered for the organization to support it in reaching its next level of growth faster.

Transpay Solutions

The company Transpay Solutions has engaged our services in helping them build their enterprise solutions business.The company is in the business of payment solutions.


The venture is in skill space in the retail segment. GTPL carried out a feasibility study and created a business plan, business projections and an execution roadmap for the venture.

Doctor on Call

Another venture in the Healthcare space looking to leverage technology to provide comprehensive health care solutions to its members is being provided strategic and business development support in eslishing its business.

High Spirit Commercial Ventures (HSCV)

HSCV is the largest manufacturer of back packs is the country. It currently operates in the both luggage as well as the bag segment. The business owns popular brands like ‘Hashtag’ and ‘Priority’. Glocal Thinkers were engaged to support the organization in reengineering its key processes with the intention of preparing the organization for its next level of growth. Glocal Thinkers as part of the assignment reengineered their production, supply chain, branding, HR, distribution, financial management processes.

Experiential Tourism- a new horizon for tourism products
Niraj- 3 March 2016

Experiential Tourism- a new horizon for tourism products

Experiences matter in every market. People remember the experiences that they have with any product more than they remember the product itself. For example, why does PUMA spend millions to endorse Usain Bolt? Not just to encourage buyers to make a one-off purchase. They want to make their customers feel like they’re the ‘greatest runners in the world’, which creates a much deeper, longer-lasting impression, which then builds attachment and brand loyalty. Tourism works in exactly the same way. The Progression of economics dictates that the greater the differentiation the more you can charge. A common example is how much more a glass of Lassi costs once it is being ordered in a five star restaurant. It is still just a glass of Lassi but its value is so much more than the same glass of Lassi from a bottle at home.

There are 3 different levels of experience-led businesses:

  1. Demand generators – the attractions, activities and events that act as a primary motivator for tourists to visit a destination (e.g. Royal experience in Jaipur).
  2. Supporting experiences – the attractions, activities and events that are not the main motivator for visiting, but contribute to the overall appeal of a destination and encourage visitors to stay longer and spend more.
  3. Hidden gems – the local secrets that have the potential to add value to a visitors experience (e.g. local produce, artisans, musicians, local characters)

Experiential tourism is about providing ways for visitors to become more deeply immersed in the product and engaged in an emotional way. The focus is on feelings, sensations, stories and connections rather than simply products.

We can do this through bringing to life our heritage, culture, history and unique character. But there are different types of tourism experiences that can be developed within a destination and we need to be very clear which are right. There are a very few companies in India that are working towards achieving this business idea, whereas it has already picked up in the more developed countries.

Anyone looking for execution support for the same please feel free to post the same on to the platform.