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Our services

At Glocal Thinkers we help companies unlock their true potential and move on to their next level of success and growth. We understand that an organization is a sum of its parts, and to achieve excellence, all the parts have to move in tandem.

The strategy of the organization has to be aligned with its people and operations for it to achieve its goals. Our model is to have a granular approach to supporting businesses, where value chain and linkages are understood, and road maps for next level of growth are created. At the same time, we do not just settle at suggesting how to do things but roll up our sleeves and help the execution teams in getting things done.

Our approach

We follow a 4 step process for Business Advisory to understand a particular client’s context, identify his support areas, provide him solutions for his improvement/support concerns and finally hand hold the client in Execution of those identified initiatives.

Our approach is to provide solutions to our clients across 25 Main Activities the company needs to perform for the achievement of 5 key business objectives.

Creating a Competitive Advantage model

Business Planning
Value Chain Management
Financial Modeling
Risk Modeling
Capital Management

Driving Customer Preference

Marketing, Positioning Branding and Advertising
Sales Management
Product & Pricing Strategy
Relationship Management & Service
Distribution Strategy

Improving Profitability

Cost Reduction Strategies
Quality & Risk Management
Productivity Management
Supply Chain Management
Outsourcing and Partnering

Unleashing Talent

Recruitment Strategy and Benchmarking
Appraisals and Rewards
Training and Development
Aligning Organizational Structure to Business Objectives
People Positioning and Talent Pool Management

Implementing Strategies

Aligning Systems
Change Management
Financial Management
Legal & Regulatory Adequacy
Technology Management
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