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Become a Consultant

You can become a consultant with us and be part of an elite group of professionals gaining through global opportunities. The consultants on our platform are listed basis their functional areas and industry expertise. Consultant's do not only receive opportunities but can also share opportunities with us and gain handsome referral fees for successful leads.

Consultants can also apply for Certificates from the platform in their chosen area of expertise. Glocal Thinkers certificates are awarded through a stringent assessment process, which comprises of interviews and reference checks. Our high assessment standards for awarding these certificates have meant that Glocal Thinkers expertise certificates are fast becoming a gold standard in the global consulting industry.

Follow these simple steps to become a consultant on our platform


Create Profile

Create your profile page on our platform by providing some basic details.


Complete Registration

Your login and ID for the platform will be posted on your registered email ID.


Start Work

On your profile page you will find various sections, which will help you to start interacting on the platform through receiving opportunities, referring opportunities or applying for a Glocal Thinkes expertise certificate.

Glocal Thinkers Expertise Certificate

Apply for Certificate

The expertise certificate is awarded to registered consultants on the platform for a demonstrated expertise in a particular functional area.

The functional area expertise could be an industry specific expertise or an industry agnostic expertise, and the same can be specified during the time of application.

Follow these simple steps to apply for an expertise certificate


Apply for Certificate

Apply for an expertise certificate in your chosen area of interest


Get Assessed

Get assessed by a top global expert in the area basis predefined assessment criteria


Get Certificate

Get certificate of expertise from Glocal Thinkers , which is a strong recognition of your skills, and should help you open doors.

Consultant Reward Program - 'Inner Circle'

Consultant Reward Program

Glocal Thinkers is running a unique reward program named 'Inner Circle' for our high performing consultants.

Points earned through the reward program are redeemable through an online catalogue, where you can shop for millions of items, including appliances, the latest tablets and smartphones, televisions, resort vacations, jewelry, shoes, sports equipment and much more.

Earn More
Earn and additional reward up to 10% of your consulting fee for a Job well done
Shop More
Accumulate reward points to shop for millions of items like smartphones, tablets ,vacations, white goods and more
Redeem Easily
Reward points are redeemable through our online catalogs
Easy Entry
You are automatically enrolled in our Reward Program - 'Inner Circle' with your first assignment
Smart Tracking
You can view your reward points and online catalogs through your profile page