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Corporate Essential Services (CES)

Chanakya, the Essential Corporate Services Suite brings under one roof some very important corporate support services like Finance, Legal, Receivable Management, Compliance and Insurance.

These services are being delivered through a technology backbone, which allows for the ease of placing requests, tracking their resolution and storing them for future reference. Additionally, each of the service heads have multiple other related services aggregated under them, which makes this service suite very smart and complete at the same time.

Finance, Taxation and Audit Support

Glocal Thinkers also has a vast network of chartered accountants and finance experts on its platform and offers services such as filing of annual tax returns of the individual Doctor, Case presentation and representation to the tax authorities, conducting internal audit for the businesses to come up with improvement measures and helping in presenting and preparing a personal loan/housing loan / professional loan case to funding institutions.

Insurance Cover

Insurance covers related to certain professional and non-profession related risks help in creating a strong security cover against multiple unforeseen circumstances, which are extremely helpful in the long run. We provide services such as, Fire insurance, Marine insurance, Arranging for car insurance, home insurance, clinic insurance, medical equipment insurance, health insurance, life insurance and travel insurance, etc. at competent rates.

Compliance Management Services

Proactive organizations have opted to deploy eComply services for Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, Corporate Governance and Policy Management Solutions on the Cloud. The E Comply service, is an intelligent tool for knowledge sharing, tracking and execution of all your importance compliance related tasks. Compliance requirements could emanate out of ‘internal’ requirements or ‘external requirements’.

Recruitment Services

The Corporate through this service can gain from getting access to the right candidates for his company’s varied requirements.